Eng. Mostafa Helal

Vice Chairman For Planning & Gas Projects

Vice Chairman

Mostafa Helal was born in Aga, Dakahlia, in 1960. He graduated in 1983 from Cairo University with a Bachelor degree of Engineering, Electronics & Communication Department.

In 1985, Mostafa joined Gupco as Instrumentation and Control Engineer. He participated in many projects; onshore and offshore facilities, platforms, Oil & Gas pipelines and control rooms.

H’apy station and H’apy marine platform in Port Said was his last project in Gupco.

In 2002, he moved to Rashid/ Burullus Company as a Project General Manager for Engineering and Inspection Department for Simian/Sapphire in deep water to feed Idku Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal.

Mostafa returned back to Gupco as a project manager for Taurt in deep water and extensions for H’apy facilities in Port Said. Then the area became a separate company named Pharaonic Petroleum Company (PHPCo.).

Atol was his last project in PHPCo. before he joined Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS). In February 2017, Mostafa was promoted to work as Vice Chairman for planning and Gas projects in EGAS until present and he leads more than 136 person team.

Mostafa’s major achievements is participating in the re-habilitation of Ras-Shokeir main treatment station plant, installing platforms in Gupco, such as: Morgan and October, and establishing the marine control platform in Burullus company (Scarab, Saffron, Simian, Sapphire) and the extensions of H’apy project onshore & offshore in PHPCo.

He received an award from Amoco International Operations Group for his project across the Gulf in Disney Academy USA. Mostafa also won an excellence award for the first marine project (deep water) feeding Idku Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal.

A research was published by Mostafa about the first marine control platform for Simian/Sapphire in the Mediterranean Offshore Conference (MOC), and another research about the re-habilitation of October/ Trans Gulf Platform to increase oil production rates.

Mostafa’s vision is to work hard and don’t wait for prizes, you will get at the end more than you expect.