Mr. Essam Ashour

Chairman Assistant For Internal Auditing and Follow-Up

Essam was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1960. He graduated in 1984 from the University of helwan in Cairo, Egypt with a Bachelor degree of Commerce in foreign trade.

Essam has 30 years of extensive experience in the field internal auditing. In 1990, Essam joined the Egyptian general petroleum as a internal auditor and started his career in the department of internal auditing then he became section head of internal auditing in 1999, and as from 2002 he became director of the internal auditing department.

Essam moved to work as a department director of the internal auditing in “EGAS” starting activity of 2003 and became Assistant General Manager for internal auditing in 2004, Essam was nominated for the ideal employee at the company level for the internal auditing for the year 2007. and he became general manager for internal auditing in 2009 and later in February 2016; he became the Chairman Assistant for internal auditing. Essam has been in this position since October 2017 until present and he leads a nineteen-person team.

During the period from department director to general manager Essam made the internal audit procedure and circulated to departments of internal auditing in subsidiaries; and he Participated in several committees Commissioned by chairman Inside or outside the company and now he became Member of the main committee of the health care system for the employee families and he supervises the regular meetings of the masters general managers for internal auditing Coordinating with each other to achieve the objectives of the audit at the sector level.

Prepared by an internal audit team in EGAS was able to complete the work of the Department on time and coordinate with the companies to reach the extent of implementation of the recommendations contained in the audit reports and to ensure extent of interaction of the departments concerned.