Mrs.Ghada Mubarak

Chairman Assistant For Board Of Directors Secretariat

Mrs. Ghada Helmy Mohamed Mubarak, born in Cairo, Egypt, 1964. Mrs. Mubarak has successfully attained her Bachelor’s Degree in 1985 from Ain Shams University, majoring in Accounting. Upon her graduation, she commenced her first job in the Hotel & Tourism Industry, firstly, for two consecutive years in Semiramis Hotels Co. followed by over than twelve years in Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo, upon its opening.

From 1987 up until 1999, Mrs. Mubarak worked as an Accountant for five years and was promoted as the Administrative Assistant; which would make her overall Hospitality Industry experience, 14 successive years. Mrs. Mubarak undertook several off-job trainings and certifications, one of which was the Hotel and Motel Association, targeting knowledge of Sales & Marketing, Front Office Procedures, and Accounting in the Hospitality Industry. Other training programs were also attained that aided in her overall understanding of the respective industry. 

2002 was Mrs. Mubarak’s Industry shift onset; as she began her career in the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Co. “EGAS”. Her knowledge of the Natural Gas Industry originated once she was assigned to be the Executive Secretary for the Vice Chairman for Gas Liquefaction and Processing Projects.

Through Mrs. Mubarak’s dedication and impeccable performance, she was appointed in 2005 to establish a new department responsible for preserving all protocols of cooperation, agreements and contracts related to Natural Gas Projects. Aside from this responsibility, Mrs. Mubarak participated in preparing annual reports for the Company and setting Training programs for the respective staff members of the Board Secretariat Department.

In 2015, she was a team member of Gas Regulatory Affairs Department, which lays the foundation stone for the Egyptian Gas Regulatory Authority regulating gas market activities under Law No. 196 of 2017. 

By the end of 2016, Mrs. Mubarak occupied the position of General Manager for Board’s Secretariat for EGAS. Mrs. Mubarak was lately assigned the Assistant Chairman for Board Secretariat Affairs, in July 2019. During this period working in EGAS, Mrs. Mubarak attained several Training Programs and Certifications in the management field and officially became a Certified Director.

All through which would make Mrs. Mubarak exceed 32 years of work experience; her keenness, commitment, moral ethics and high standard of performance brought her to where she is at this moment.