Mr. Mohamed El Trrass

Assistant Executive Managing Director For Contracts

Tarek was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1962. He graduated in 1983 from the University of Ain Shams in Cairo, Egypt with a Bachelor degree of Commerce in Accounting.

Tarek has a 35+ years of extensive experience in the field of tendering and contracting including the administration of various types of tenders and contracts, contracts drafting and interpretation, commercial negotiations, dispute resolution and establishing and developing policies and procedures for the procurement of materials, services and works. In 1984, Tarek joined the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO) as a Projects Cost Accountant and started his career in the administration of large scale service contracts till June 1992, and as from July 1992 in the bidding, contracting and negotiations activities with respect to the construction of onshore and offshore projects. Tarek became the Contracts and Tenders Section Head and Department Head in July 1994 and in July 1997 respectively.

In March 2004, he joined the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) as the Contracts Assistant General Manager and then became the Contracts General Manager in July 2006 and later in February 2016, he became the Chairm-an Assistant for Contracts. Tarek has been in this position since February 2016 until present and he leads a seventeen-person team.

Tarek managed the contractual side of the Egyptian LNG importation project (in its two phases) with a remarkable success during the period from the beginning of 2015 until the third quarter of 2018. This success was started with the establishment and development of EGAS’ model contract for the sale and purchase of LNG that was signed with twenty-five of the international companies engaged in the field of trading and transport of liquefied natural gas. This also has been extended to the issuance and management of several international tenders to secure the Egyptian needs of liquefied natural gas cargoes and the execution and implementation of final confirmation notices for the supply of such cargoes.

While working for GUPCO and EGAS, Tarek was seconded as a consultant (on either full-time or part-time basis) to several affiliated companies. He worked for South Dabaa Petroleum Co. (DAPETCO) in 1999, Gemsa Petroleum Company (GEMPETCO) in 2000, Offshore North Sinai Petroleum Company (NOSPCO) in 2005 and 2006, Egyptian Petrochemicals holding Company (ECHEM) in 2009, and for Tanmia Petroleum Company (TANMIA) in 2010.

Tarek serves as a member in several committees such as EGAS Commercial Bid Committee, the Joint Committee for Gas Market Regulation and as the chair (and then a member) of EGAS Principal Tender Committee. Tarek also serves as a board member representing EGAS (as a shareholder) in the board of directors of Eagle Gas Shipping Company E.S.A.