EGAS approved the first edition of Sustainability Policy 

EGAS approved the first edition of Sustainability Policy 

The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) approved the first edition of the sustainability policy for the company's activities, which was prepared by the Environmental Protection Department in full coordination with all departments of the company. 


Dr. Magdy Galal,  the company chairman , explained that this accreditation comes in the framework of implementing Egypt's Vision 2030 and the strategy of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to achieve sustainable development, with the support of Engineer Tarek  Al Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, who aims to increase the attraction of investments and improve all productive activities and services presented  for citizens and the local market with full  adherence  to the Ministry’s regulations in regard to occupational safety and health, environmental protection, and the preservation of workers and facilities. 


EGAS Sustainability Policy is considered as a component of a sustainable management system to organize and materialize the initiatives that the ministry undertakes in all its activities, starting with effective participation in increasing economic growth along with  preserving the environment and social responsibility, as well as the foundation for applying best practices within the natural gas sector through applying standards that lead to increased investment, production, sustainable consumption, proper waste management, fulfillment of local and international environmental obligations, active participation in solving climate change problems, and  preserving the environment in general, taking into account the needs of surrounding stakeholders, and activating societal participation with a focus on concepts of governance, integrity and fighting corruption. 


The Sustainability Policy aims to define the obligations of EGAS  towards achieving sustainable development and determining how to apply best practices in this field and integrate them within the Gas sector business system while adopting and integrating the principles of sustainability and integration with all activities and in order to support the strategy and state plan for sustainable development and in line with the strategy of turning Egypt into a regional hub for trading gas and petroleum products, providing new opportunities for investment, supporting the state's efforts to confront climate change, preparing reports on the implementation of the sustainability management system with reviewing and updating the policy annually to include developments and organizational adjustments as well as publishing and announcing the sustainability policy within EGAS and its subsidiaries and on the websites. 


The petroleum sector supports the sustainability strategy by applying it to all petroleum activities in line with the international goals of sustainable development and Egypt's 2030 vision, which makes the oil and gas sector a model for the rest of the state’s sectors in implementing the sustainable development goals.